Delta travelnet is a portal through which the employees of Delta airlines can book their flight tickets online. Delta travelnet is meant exclusively for the associates, employees or the persons who are related to Delta airlines in one way or the other. To be specific, delta travelnet is meant to be used  by "non-rev" passengers. Non-rev passengers can be the working employees, retired employees, and the relatives of the employees(employees of Delta airlines).  Other passengers who are not associates of the Delta airlines are refrained from using and availing the perks of this portal.

The main advantage of the using delta travelnet is that it allows to choose standby option very easily. For one reason or other, if your journey schedule changes either voluntarily or involuntarily then the only option that is left to you is travelling as a standby passenger. The connotation that comes with stand by travel has been changed a long ago, it previously used to mean buying a ticket from an under sold flight for a cheaper price than its normal price and that too just the moments before the flight departs. The scenario has now been changed due to various security issues and due to development of
sophisticated flight seat allocation algorithms which rarely makes an under sale. This has made last minute flight journey a cumbersome one for the passengers. The standby travel now means the passenger with a pre-purchased ticket suddenly wants a bump in his/her allocated flight voluntarily or involuntarily. The voluntary reasons include a sudden cancel of a meeting which requires the passenger to be at his home or the interest of the passenger to take an early flight and reach his destination quickly. The involuntary reasons may include the scheduled flight might have been cancelled and the passengers may have been dumped to an earlier or later flights.

There has always been a serious mis-conception that the standby passengers are allotted flights on first come, first serve basis, but this is only partly true. The real scenario that happens on the background is that the airlines give priority to its employee, members of its loyalty programme and the passengers with higher ticket fares. So the standby list priority of the Delta goes like this Delta employees>Loyalty programme members> Luxury ticket passengers>economy ticket travellers> low fare ticket passengers. Note that the Delta does not offer standby travel option to economy passengers
with basic ticket fare and also other lower fare tickets. The employees and loyalty programme are charged zero where as the other passengers are charged 75 dollars.

Even when you happen to be that privileged passenger who is put upfront in  the standby list by the Delta airlines,  you will not be guaranteed a seat. To make the things take a little positive note on  on your side then you need accomplish a minute task which I will be comprehending now. Follow the step by step procedure:
  • Decide to take a standby travel as early as possible.
  • Get your own delta travelnet account created. 
  • Instead of meeting the travelling agent at the airport, it is better to use the delta travelnet portal.
  • Open the delta travelnet website through browser on desktop or on your mobile/tablet.
  • Change the option from "All direct flights" to "All flights".
  • This will now fetch all the connecting flights as well.
  • Since direct flights have lesser chances of offering a standby travel, our best bet should be on connecting flights.
  • Now select the flight that satisfies the need of the hour( the flight with more available seats)
  • After finalising the standby flight, also do check the standby list of the flight, if you find a flight with very less number of standby travellers, then that should be your first priority. 
  • Confirm your standby travel and get your name listed in the standby list. 
  • Delta travelnet made the standby travel for its employees a little easier than its customers. 
  • Access your delta travelnet here

Note: If you are a normal passenger( other than "non-rev") reading this blog post, then the best tip I can give you is to call your flight customer service number and get your name listed in the standby passengers list rather than visiting and standing in the long queue to be in the standby list.  Also it is best advised to ask for  a buddy pass from your friends if they happen to work for Delta Airlines.

Usage of Delta Travelnet

The person or travellers who are interested or required to use the Delta Travelnet in their electronic devices are advised to select the Travelnet appropriate link. "All direct flights" is the search which will be shown as default while you may also change the option to "all flights" for accessing more information. This option will help you to locate the flight directly to the destination and also with connections.

Generally, a flight connecting different spots to your destination is way better than direct flights. The application of Delta Travelnet provides with the search page including origin, flight number, aircraft type, and destination. You can search for available tickets by using the above details. The application gives you the details in different parts like the seating capacity of each cabin, the total numbers of tickets which are still available for sale and the total number of available seats. When the non-revenue passengers fly, the seats for every flight create more impact on the opportunity to travel. Note that the capacity number of the flight is not shown or displayed on any mobile devices. The airlines sometimes oversell flight tickets to see how much ‘no- show’ of the company expects by subtracting the authorised seats from the number of available seats. The flights having the best available seats are open to the other standbys. Besides determining the available seats, the travellers need to consider the non-revenue travellers who are planning to take the tickets of this flight. To show the ‘non-rev’ on the standby list for the flight, click on the list option. This very option appears "listed" in any mobile device. A short enlist is way better in comparison to a long one as the no show rate is higher than any paid traveler.

Reasons for using Travelnet with mobile data

  • First, you need to know that this application is only available to the Delta employees and those who have retired from this company, including the authorised contracts and businessman. The company takes it seriously and do not allow the unauthorised outsider to access to the company's application for which they have set some credentials for signing in to the site. So read thoroughly if only you are an authorised worker.
  • The application became mobile friendly in October 2014. It means you are free to access this application on your mobile phones and tablets. You can open the browser and click on the link of the website, which will reduce the burden of downloading the application.
  • You can connect the website from anywhere with your mobile phone as you carry it wherever you go, unlike a computer. This is a massive advantage of using a smartphone.
  • All kind of devices like Android and IOS software can browse into Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. So you don’t have to face any trouble.