Travellers who always fly are not always passengers. They are the majority of airline workers and their friends and family members. The chances to travel standby are only possible if you luckily get a chance. The chance depends on the place where the name is entered in the list. The travellers other than paid passengers may hold discounted vouchers depending on the relationship with the company.

Passengers are known as ‘non-revenue’ passengers or just ‘non-rev’ passengers. The passengers get the ticket first. They get the maximum priority after which the airline employees are given the priority. The priority level depends on the relationship they maintain with the company. The employees may include current, or maybe former employees like Delta employees who are currently working in the company have passed with them to avail, but they will also be given the priority after they retire.

The Delta employees
The Delta employees will get the seats better than the active employees. The same facility is available for those passengers who belong to the family or friends of the active employees. The retired passengers of Delta connection are placed at the bottom of the list. The active passengers are employees, including their families and friends. They don't have to show their tickets at the check-in desk to get their names in the standby list, unlike the ticketed passengers. There is an application which can be downloaded and is known as Delta Travelnet. This is generally for the employees and travel partners of Delta Airlines. It will make the process of booking the tickets a bit easier for non-revenue travellers or passengers. You already know that there is no guarantee for providing a seat to these travellers, so they have made strategies for the non-revenue travellers which are finding available flights with accommodating spaces of the other stand by passengers.

Usage of Delta Travelnet
The person or travellers who are interested or required to use the Delta Travelnet in their electronic devices are advised to select the Travelnet appropriate link. "All direct flights" is the search which will be shown as default while you may also change the option to "all flights" for accessing more information. This option will help you to locate the flight directly to the destination and also with connections.

Generally, a flight connecting different spots to your destination is way better than flying from significant hubs. The application of Delta Travelnet provides with the search page including origin, flight number, aircraft type, and destination. You can search for available tickets by using the above details. The application gives you the details in different parts like the seating capacity of each cabin,
the total numbers of tickets which are still available for sale and the total number of available seats. When the non-revenue passengers fly, the seats for every flight create more impact on the opportunity to travel. Note that the capacity number of the flight is not shown or displayed on any mobile devices. The airlines sometimes oversell flight tickets to see how much ‘no- show’ of the company expects by subtracting the authorised seats from the number of available seats. The flights having the best available seats are open to the other standbys. Besides determining the available seats, the travellers need to consider the non-revenue travellers who are planning to take the tickets of this flight. To show the ‘non-rev’ on the standby list for the flight, click on the list option. This very option appears "listed" in any mobile device. A short enlist is way better in comparison to a long one as the no show rate is higher than any paid traveler.

Reasons for using Travelnet with mobile data
  • Travel net and Deltanet public- Yes or no? First, you need to know that this application is only available to the Delta employees and those who have retired from this company, including the authorised contracts and businessman. The company takes it seriously and do not allow the unauthorised outsider to access to the company's application for which they have set some credentials for signing in to the site. So read thoroughly if only you are an authorised worker.
  • The application became mobile friendly in October 2014. It means you are free to access this application on your mobile phones and tablets. You can open the browser and click on the link of the website, which will reduce the burden of downloading the application.

The top reasons for using the Delta Travelnet on mobile instead of the computer version include:
  • You can connect the website from anywhere with your mobile phone as you carry it wherever you go, unlike a computer. This is a massive advantage of using a smartphone.
  • All kind of devices like Android and IOS software can browse into Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. So you don’t have to face any trouble.